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UTSA's new Tier One status—by way of our classification as a Carnegie R1 research institution—is a big deal. Below are a sampling of reactions to this major milestone for the university.

Don’t underestimate the significance of the University of Texas at San Antonio’s new status as a Tier One research institution. It just got easier for UTSA to recruit sought-after professors and secure federal grants. The designation will mean more collaboration between the university and corporations, as well as nonprofits. And it’s likely to pique the interest of companies looking to relocate or expand operations to San Antonio.
Greg Jefferson, San Antonio Express News, January 14, 2022

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Today, I am proud that 11 Texas universities have earned the prestigious Carnegie Tier One research ranking as they continue to attract the best and brightest students, researchers, and faculty, as well as new research grants and continuing business investments. These research expenditures help sustain a highly educated workforce, spur job creation, and support regional economic expansion.
Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas
The University of Texas at San Antonio’s recognition as a Carnegie Tier One institution is a testament to what a great team can accomplish. House Bill 51 brought together diligent students, innovative faculty, purposeful campus and system leaders, generous alumni and business supporters, and effective lawmakers in the Texas Legislature. The results are that UT-San Antonio is a Tier One university and its students are receiving an education of the first class that will open doors to life-changing opportunities.
The Honorable Dan Branch, Former Chairman, Texas House Higher Education Committee, Author of House Bill 51
UTSA’s designation as an R1 Classification by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education is impressive and important. It recognizes our university’s stature among its peers in world-class research; academic excellence; outstanding faculty and student body; and the highest levels of innovation, creativity, discovery, scholarship, and civic engagement. Only the top 4 percent of research institutions in the nation are in this prestigious academic category, and UTSA is the eleventh in Texas to be included. This means it will qualify for additional state funding and can recruit increasingly accomplished faculty and students.

Congratulations and gratitude are in order not only for the administration, faculty, and students, but also for the regents, alumni, philanthropists, and legislators who support UTSA’s efforts and will continue to do so. ¡Bravo!
Judith Zaffirini, Texas State Senator
UTSA achieving the prestigious Carnegie R1 classification and being recognized as a one of the nation’s top research institutions is a tremendous accomplishment that will benefit not only San Antonio, but also the state and nation.
Donna Campbell, President Pro Tempore of the Texas State Senate
With this hard earned recognition UTSA is showing significant momentum right now. While the university has long been important to the educational and economic landscape of San Antonio, it has grown into one of our state's most important institutions of learning. Its continued success will be essential to the future of Texas.
Joe Straus, Former Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives
For a university this young to have achieved so much so quickly speaks to great leadership, quality faculty and a broad community of supporters who all share a vision for a forward-thinking university that values innovative research and all the good that comes from it.
James B. Milliken, UT System Chancellor
Congratulations to the entire UT San Antonio community for a well-deserved distinction! With UTSA earning this designation, Texas now has as many Tier One research universities (11) as any state in the nation, showing yet again the incredible vitality and promise of our state. Research universities are powerful engines of prosperity, innovation and jobs, and UTSA's achievement will contribute to the well-being of all Texans.
Jay Hartzell, UT Austin President
UTSA’s designation as a tier one research university is a dream come true for the institution and the city of San Antonio. UTSA is now officially among the nation’s elite universities. The designation will help create the kind of synergy that brings significant investment and new economic opportunities to San Antonio.
Ron Nirenberg, Mayor of San Antonio
Since its founding, UTSA has proven to be an incredible asset to Bexar County. Its recent designation by Carnegie as a Tier One institution is a historic achievement for such a relatively young university, and it signifies a bright future for all Bexar County residents.
Nelson Wolff, Bexar County Judge
UTSA's new Tier One status is particularly meaningful to me because of my long-held belief in the potential of the university's researchers, faculty, and students. My contributions to their graduate scholarship programs were inspired by the talent and promise I saw on campus. I invested in the 'Runner community with the hope that my gifts would help attract the brightest minds that would push the university towards greater heights. To see this vision realized - and to have played a role in UTSA's development success - is incredibly fulfilling. It’s certainly gratifying and inspires my engagement as co-chair of the Capital Campaign’s efforts.
Carlos Alvarez, Chairman and CEO, The Gambrinus Company and Co-Chair, UTSA Campaign Leadership Council
Congratulations to UTSA’s becoming a Tier One research university. This achievement is important for the university and its students and faculty as well as San Antonio. Great cities need great universities, and great universities empower great cities. This designation is just another step in making UTSA a great university. All the accomplishments and student successes that are happening at UTSA are exactly why Margie and I chose to name the College of Engineering and Integrated Design. This designation tells the world about UTSA’s academic successes that are happening in San Antonio.
Bill Klesse, Former Valero CEO and Chairman of the Board
UTSA joins an elite group of higher education institutions equipped with world class research facilities, thought leaders, and academic programs shaping the future of Texas. The Tier One designation confirms that San Antonio and UTSA compete nationally with the best universities and economies in the nation.
Craig Boyan, President, HEB and Member, UTSA Campaign Leadership Council
UTSA's Tier One designation will positively impact every aspect of our university...student success, academic excellence and community enhancement. This is a BOLD recognition for a BOLD institution.
Cathy Green, Chair, UTSA Development Board and Member, UTSA Campaign Leadership Council
UTSA plays a key and increasing role in our shared commitment to create life-changing opportunities in education, careers and entrepreneurship for our community.

The university is an integral strategic partner to customers in an array of advanced technologies across our campus. They depend on the expertise of the university’s programs, researchers, interns and alumni to advance multiple San Antonio-based innovations that make our planet a safer and more productive place. Achieving a Carnegie R1 status is a testament to the world-class strategic support and expertise that UTSA is providing to leading industries at the Port and across the region, and this designation further raises our community’s profile as a capital of world-changing breakthroughs.
Jim Perschbach, President and CEO, Port San Antonio and Member, UTSA Development Board
TAMEST (The Academy of Medicine, Engineering, and Science of Texas) applauds The University of Texas at San Antonio’s Tier One Research Classification. UTSA’s leadership and commitment to discovery highlights how Texas is setting the pace for research and innovation in our country. San Antonio has always been a powerful hub for research and cyber security in our state and we are proud that this designation truly reflects the growth in top-tier research talent that UTSA continues to produce. We are proud to count UTSA as a TAMEST member institution.
David E. Daniel, TAMEST Board President, President Emeritus of The University of Texas at Dallas
UTSA’s designation as a tier one research university has been a strategic goal of the university’s BOLD leadership. This recognition will benefit our great City of San Antonio and our great State of Texas. We should all be proud of the momentum our Roadrunner nation has achieved….a BOLD impact!
Don Frost, San Antonio Regional President, Frost Bank and Member, UTSA Campaign Leadership Council
Congratulations to all involved! UTSA receiving the Carnegie R1 designation is a major step forward for San Antonio being elevated and recognized in the research world.
Jim Reed, President, San Antonio Medical Foundation and Member, UTSA Development Board
UTSA’s Tier One designation will bring some of the world’s brightest minds to work and live in San Antonio. Companies the globe over are discovering that San Antonio is a place where their business and employees can thrive, and keep more of what they make. More importantly, our native daughters and sons will have an R1 institution right here at home. For our regional economic development, this is tremendous. But as a dad of three young Texans, even more so.
Randy Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Weston Urban and Chairman, greater:SATX
By attaining the prestigious Carnegie R1 Classification, UTSA proves to be a destination where students can receive an excellent education focused on innovation. Being recognized as a top research university will bring exciting new research and career development opportunities to graduate students, faculty, and alumni. This recognition confirms UTSA’s trajectory into becoming one of the nation’s great public research universities.
Harvey Najim, President, The Harvey E. Najim Charitable Foundation and Member, UTSA Campaign Leadership Council
The aphorism ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’ defines what it means to have UTSA designated as a Tier One institution. As the City of San Antonio navigates the often choppy waters of innovative research and development, we have been honored to have UTSA as one of our partners. With the Carnegie R1 designation, it not only solidifies their leadership in this space, but also tangentially places our R&D League partnership in a much more valuable and impactful place. Congratulations to UTSA on this achievement and we look forward to continuing to champion the seas of innovation beside you.
Brian C. Dillard, Chief Innovation Officer, Office of Innovation, City of San Antonio
It wasn’t so long ago some thought of UTSA as a large commuter school. Now, it’s entering a different stratosphere.

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